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IHM's services help artists win more fans, sell more merch, get the most out of their live shows and speed up careers. Join now and make it count.

  • IHM reports your live show sales to Soundscan. Sell enough & chart.
  • Learn how to use the stage to build your fan base and sell more.
  • IHM has a variety of ways to help you cover touring & recording costs.
  • Read our blog to get the most from the road both on and off stage.

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IHM Artists’ Bop Boyz Re-Enter the charts & Classic Pak Hits 15th Week Straight on Billboard

by IHM on July 3, 2015

IHM artist Bop Boyz re-enter the charts with their new single “Car Full of White Girls” at #9. Watch the video to this hysterically titled tune: Bop Boyz You too can be charting on Billboard and doing amazing things for your career by making what you are already doing count for $10 or ...

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Artist Testimonials

  • is essential for independent artists. I have worked with the team at IHM for two years and I know that charting on Billboard is a possibility because they have helped me do it before. They make the process simple and repeatable. Indiehitmaker

    Jimmie (J Metro) Moore
    Charting Artist
    J Metro
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  • From planning to execution, working with Indiehitmaker was a pleasure. The Workshop presented "Get The Most Out Of Your Live Show" was well attended (to the point of standing room only) and the content was extremely relevant to attendees at all levels of their

    Tom White
    Panel & Education Director
    A3C Hip-Hop Festival
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  • It only takes less than a 1000 sales a week to make New Artist charts. A CD release show if done well can lead to most if not all of those sales. Add pre-release orders to that and you’re well on the charts! I tell every independent artist/band I work with

    David Claassen
    Associate Director
    BMI Atlanta
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