Dropkick helps you release and sell music successfully


Dropkick is a platform to plan, release and sell music where you are in total control of your rights and keep 100% of the profits. From songwriting to topping the Billboard charts we guide you along the way.

What is Dropkick:

  • The Dropkick 12-step Release plan
    You are in the business of releasing music. Dropkick is your business plan, release team and sales force all in one. From songwriting to topping the charts, Dropkick is easy to follow on your own, or get maximum results when you work with one of our Drop Sherpas to guide you along the way.   


    Dropkick helps you through the entire release process

      • Create the music your audience wants to buy
      • Develop a budget & timeline to match your goals
      • Establish and protect your copyrights & ability to collect royalties
      • Build a marketing plan, team and budget that achieves your goals
      • Production guidance from pre to post
      • Live performance prep
      • Pre-release campaigns
      • Promotions, Digital Marketing, Social Media & Publicity planning
      • Website, eCommerce, point-of-sale (POS)
      • Merch design, manufacturing, management & fulfillment
      • Digital & direct-to-fan music distribution
      • Sales reporting
      • Email list building & automated opt-ins
      • Post release support & tax prep


  • Free Kick-off Session

    In order to give your record drop the kick it needs, we start every release off with your first planning session included free with your registration. We assign your guide, a Drop Sherpa (like the Tibetan people of the Himalayas that help you get to the top of Everest) to help you complete the first few steps of the release plan. They help align your vision, goals and budget to assure a successful release. 
  • Dropkick Direct

    Our direct-to-fan mobile retail app makes it possible to deliver digital music bundled to your merch sales and sell it from anywhere. Skip the CD and Download Card, sell more at live shows and even make street sales count on the charts. Dropkick also makes it easy for music fans to opt-in to your email and text lists with a simple tap of the finger. As always, Dropkick works with any merch item, payment gateway and mobile device. 
  • Dropkick Online

    We set you up with an online store to sell music & merch bundles direct from your website or social media posts.  
  • Dropkick Merch

    We help you minimize manufacturing costs and maximize brand awareness. Design a line of merchandise people are willing to pay more for or cost far less to manufacture than CDs. All of which include and cover the cost of your digital music with plenty of profit to go around. All costs for design, manufacturing and fulfillment a


    Sell just about anything bundled to your digital music

    • Stickers, posters, photo cards & albums
    • Shirts, hats, outerwear & underwear
    • Jewelry, necklaces, slap & stretch band bracelets
    • USB, CDs, Vinyl, Tapes and other physical media*
    • Lighters, koozies, key chains, bottle openers
    • Dry goods, candy, soft beverages, water
    • Pins, buttons, tokens
    • or whatever else you can imagine
      *sales are counted and are reported at time of digital redemption, not point of sale.

Dropkick Online & Dropkick Merch services have fees & costs not included with your monthly subscription. Drop Sherpas are available for hire after your initial free kick-off session to guide you along the entire release process. We help you work out all costs so there are no big surprises before you release.



Dropkick is your trusted partner for every step of releasing and selling your music. Let us help you make your next release count for more than gas money & hosting fees. Dropkick is included with your monthly plan starting at just $10/mo.




  1. Register for the Dropkick plan that works for you


    For artists who want to skip the CD or Download Card and sell music & merch together from anywhere.

    For artists who sell CDs, Vinyl or other physical media at live shows. 

  2. Schedule your kick-off session
    Each Dropkick artist gets an initial kick off session with one of our Drop Sherpas. Usually lasting 20-30 minutes you begin the Dropkick planning process. 
  3. Go DIY or work with a Drop Sherpa
    We plot every step of the way for you, almost like a gameboard. Imagine monopoly meets chutes & ladders. Hire one of our Drop Sherpas to move you around the board as quickly as possible avoiding all obstacles and pitfalls.
  4. Release and Sell
    Use the Dropkick platform to sell your music everywhere – online, live shows, even make street sales count. We get you set up with an online store and the ability to sell your music through social media. Use our Dropkick Direct App to quickly distribute digital music direct-to-fan. We even have ways for your fans to do the selling for you.



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